‘I was motivated to set up S.A.I Infinity Care for adults with a learning or physical, disability when I found that the larger care providers lacked a true understanding of the individual needs of people. They were treated as numbers, not individuals.

My grandmother inspired me to make a positive difference. She had always been very particular about her daily routine, she was always up early, bathed and dressed before anyone else had even woken up. Unfortunately, following a stroke my grandmother was severely disabled in the last few years of her life.

Owing to the family’s work constraints we needed support in caring for my grandmother. I was not satisfied with the care being provided to my grandmother by mainstream providers, I knew my grandmother wouldn’t be happy with the kind of care she was receiving. She had dedicated her life to us and now that she needed our support how could we justify half an hour slots a day to get her washed and dressed, with 15 minute slots to meet her other needs. How could we leave her at home alone, while we went out to work? What if she soiled herself, or was thirsty? How could we let her be left that way till her next 15 minute slot in the evening?

I struggled to find support workers for my grandmother that we could trust would care for her in the way she deserved. As a family we decided to privately employ support workers to care for my grandmother and trained them to pay special consideration to the high standards that she had maintained in her life when she was able to do so. They maintained her routines with the utmost care till her last days, including her dietary requirements, preparing her meals as per her religious needs along with bathing and washing her in the way she wanted, changing and cleaning her as many times as was required and also respecting her religious beliefs. Our support workers treated her with the utmost respect and dignity.

This was very important to us as a family and I know my grandmother is smiling down at us, her heart swelling with pride with the work that we do everyday. Team S.A.I aims to bring the same dignity and respect to meet the individual needs of all its service users. It comes from personal experience and a genuine wish to serve others as best we can.’

S.A.I Infinity Care was created in 2012 as it was found that many people’s care needs in the community were not being met satisfactorily. We set out to break barriers and stereotypes, offering a service that understands the individual needs of each person.

Our main aim is to make a positive difference in people’s lives bringing respect, dignity and empathy back into focus with support workers that have a deep understanding of the importance of good quality care. All our staff are hand-picked for their dedication, motivation and genuine wish to care for others.

We currently provide Care in the Community, Supported Living Services and an in-house Friday Club run by our lovely service users.