At S.A.I Infinity Care it is very important that the people we support are treated with respect, dignity and kindness at all times. It is our duty to protect and safeguard those that we provide support and care to and those they are associated with from any kind of harm or abuse.

We have stringent systems in place to guard against bad practice, we keep in touch with our service users on a regular basis to ensure that they are happy with the service they are provided with. This also allows for open feedback, both positive and negative, helping us improve our service.

Please alert us immediately:

  • If you observe a person we support being abused or mistreated in anyway by any person or in any situation. This also includes abuse such as physical, emotional, sexual, psychological or financial abuse.
  • If you are concerned that someone we support may be mistreated by a family member, friend, support worker, someone at their workplace, college or on the internet.

By alerting us immediately, we can take immediate action to make the person safe. If you feel uncomfortable disclosing your identity or relationship to our client; you can also report any concerns anonymously.

S.A.I Infinity Care welcomes and values all and any information that helps us to ensure the safety and welfare of the people we support at all times.

If you have any concerns (no matter how small) please raise them with us without delay by calling 07958 162 695 or email info@saiinfinitycare.co.uk. We assure you that immediate action will be taken to safeguard the person who may have suffered abuse of any kind.

S.A.I Infinity Care would like to thank you for your concern.